First bug fix for the Gecko engine

- 1 min

After a host of non-technical contributions to Mozilla,it was time to switch to the technical side.  As a result, I started looking out for some bugs which I would be able to fix.  That is when I landed on Bug 1308137 - Remove code around IBMBIDI_SUPPORTMODE_*.

The patch I provided was accepted today by Xidorn Quan.

The process of fixing this bug was extremely informative and fun.  As I opened the files to make changes to the code I was greeted with very unfamiliar syntax.  Surely not the sort of code you’ll ever encounter in four years of Computer Engineering.  I had to understand, even if at a very superficial level, what each snippet of code did in order to make the desired changes.  Fixing bugs in open source projects is definitely a test of your patience, determination and most importantly technical expertise.

I’m thankful to Xidorn for helping me with this bug. Looking forward to contribute more to the Mozilla code base.

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