Instant messengers

As I refrain from using the overly loved WhatsApp, people often question me on how they can reach me. A simple call always works for a quick chat. But if you are like me who prefers texting, following are the platforms where you can find me.

Element (formerly Riot)

@dhanesh COLON maitri DOT club

Element has all the features that you'd expect from an instant messenger including end-to-end encryption, calls (which mostly depends on the configuration of the server you've signed up on), file sharing and support for multiple devices.

If you decide to give Element a try, I'd suggest not to sign up on the server and choose a different one instead. Here's a possible list of servers you can choose from.


Signal has a good reputation in the cryptography community and is one of the simplest apps to use. It can be considered as a drop-in replacement for WhatsApp. I use Signal with my main phone number.

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